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Founded: 2020, iraq, najaf Founder: Sajad sadiq CEO:

Balleye company (also known as "Balleye") is a iraq the video game development it was founded on 2020 and made by Sagadali

in april 5, 2020 Balleye has started to Launch the Website's since sajad was using an Engine website called "" he is found this Website to make it website better but Unforunately his website was not Good or if it is Good then sajad websites is good

In June 7, 2021 balleye has started to get The CEO email on only such as Microsoft, paypal, Amazon and more

from in 2038 Sajad will be his Age to 30 and he will use the Unity engine game by making an Awesome games and making his Own music's by his Parents and friends, New voices reveal by his Brother and sister and animating by using an Blender, sounds, also sajad will use the FL studio and also, sajad will build Company by helping Buildmen's and he will be the Owner of his Company by Paying $30,000 in Monthly Only.

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