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Platforms: Microsoft Windows Published: Balleye company Developer: Balleye company

Chrocomaze! balleye exclusive demo (also know as "Balleye exclusive demo" or "Chrocomaze! exclusive demo" or simply "Chroco-Exclusive demo") is a Video game Spin-off of Chrocomaze the full version and released in October 3, 2021 and made by Sagadali and published by Balleye company

Balleye exclusive demo was not free to play. the only Backers who Can Donated sajad about 5$ or less on Paypal only To play this game

in October 9, 2021, The game is Launched on Gamejolt only evening this game is not here anyway. there is a Text files called "Donategame.txt" but if downloading, there will be a other Text file called "Readme.txt" if it clicked then there is a Messages on Text it reads:

"Welcome to the Chrocomaze! Balleye exclusive demo! this is a Readme files So I Proud of you to donate me about 5$ or less. but if you don't have a Paypal account, you need to create Paypal account, using and try to create a paypal account well That's why I Need you to make paypal account! first you need click "Donategame.txt" files and copy the link on your browser (such as Chrome, firefox, Opera, Safari, microsoft edge, etc.) and click the "send" button on the paypal and donate me about 5$ or less if you want. if you finished donations then, try to send me a friend request for my discord username: sagadali#7558 or let me know what is your discord username and I Will send you this game as Executable files! and that's it! Thanks for reading me. Have some fun! (Note: Please click the link here and donate me about 5$ or less)". Text file's has a made mistake. sajad has typed the read messages that says: "first you need click "Donategame.txt" files and copy the link on your browser" this means that the text cannot understood. this was meaning is to go to "" and download the text files and reading some mistaken Grammar.

balleye exclusive demo is not a Mod of Baldi's basics kickstater exclusive demo. Balleye exclusive demo is just based on Clickteam and the Kickstarter Exclusive demo is based on Unity engine.

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