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Sajad Sadiq (also known as "sagadali," "Sagad," or simply "sagadali523") is an Iraq video game development that was born in 2008. He was the creator of Chrocobreak! Free run

in 2008, sajad was born, but he is a blue childlike well-known Alien or something. They went sajad to be Crying under 5 minutes. 5 Minutes later, sajad has cried it now, and the Blue skin was gone

on Mar 18, 2014. Sajad has Getting started from youtube channel creating before making videos in 2018

on Mar 30, 2018, Sajad Uploaded The videos called "Sagad play talking tom pc for like 😅." He has 3 likes and 4 dislikes.

on Friday 9, 2020 Sajad was going to search "FNiA" in google. However, he is watching some fnia or other sexual fanart on gamejolt, Twitter, or From youtube channel. As in Night, Sajad will sleep, and his father was checking a browsing History he has warned his son. At 10:00 AM in the sun, Sajad has finished his School subjects and his Grammar in Arabic, but unfortunately, his parents are in trouble due to the checking Browse history from FNIA. In contrast, sajad has significantly Cried it again because he doesn't like when his parents check Browser history as he Finishes his Breakfast and washes his hands. He also he was going browsing youtube, searching fnia 3

on Sept 1, 2021, Sajad has made his Own First Game called "Chrocobreak! free run" and starts to launch on gamejolt as free to download

on Aug 5, 2021. Sajad Has suffered from PTSD to seeing fnia he is causing to Feeling Headache. Still, there is a solution either is the way to stop him from seeing FNIA and understanding by Himself.

Joining Gamejolt

On May 31. 2018, Sajad searched sonic.exe on google and then he saw Gamejolt site. Then, he actually thinking of signing up for Gamejolt and then he wants to adding his Picture Profile and Background using Windows 7's wallpaper because he likes to see view's of Windows 7 wallpaper.


  • He hate's Mairusu and Fnia due to the suffering from PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)
  • His Favourite Animal is Dog
  • He has a Phone. he is using for app like Whatsapp and Facebook and others app's
  • He block any users from Gamejolt if they join Fnia in community. while not reading to his Rules

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Discord username: Sagadali523#9551

Face reveals

Another face reveal for Sajad Sadiq

Sagadali is in the school, Kamall, at the age of 13.

Some face reveal in the past that Sajad was 1 year old.