Sajad Sadiq Wiki

Welcome to the Sajad sadiq wiki!

Hello and Welcome to my new return wiki! Here are the simple Rules!:

  • Add new pages but make sure that your own wiki needs Exist and be good.
  • No FNIA allowed here.
  • No NSFW allowed
  • No Pornhub allowed here.
  • Please don't edit about my mental disorder; I Just changed to PTSD.
  • Do not Harassment about these Pages.
  • If my Wiki is wrong, please edit my Wiki but be careful do not edit like (Stupid, swearing, Evil) or Something like that. if you edit like Stupidest, all my Wiki will remove or One
  • do not Drama about Wiki
  • Be calm and fantastic. Don't be stupid.

all the Rules are made (if you didn't understand these rules, then try again or contact me)